Caravan Storage Manager

Caravan Storage Manager

Caravan Storage Manager will help you manage all aspects of your Caravan Storage site. The software records all details of Customers, Caravans, Insurance details, Invoices, Reminders and many other details to help you run your site as efficiently as possible.

The software consists of a core module that handles all the common tasks, such as recording customer and caravan details as well as generating contracts and invoices.

Additional modules are available separately to allow integration with Paxton Net2 Access Control systems, CCTV integration using network cameras to record movements on and off the site.

Please note we are not the same company as Diversity Projects Ltd that produced a program called Caravan Storage Manager from 2002 until 2009. Diversity Projects Ltd ceased trading in 2015. We can however import all of the data from their old Caravan Storage Manager into our new software allowing you to upgrade to a modern, supported program. Please contact us for further information

Features of the Caravan Storage Manager

The Caravan Storage Manager core software has the following features:

Each storage area has a graphical representation of the plots.

Shows whether a plot is vacant or occupied, caravan is on-site or off-site, customer is paid up or owes money.

Drag and Drop site designer.

Customer, Storage, Insurance and Payment details stored for each plot

Detailed History for each Customer, attach documents and images.

Decode and check the Caravan CRIS number.

Print Initial Contract using stored details. Includes your own logo

Sell sundry items to your customers.

View and export Invoices/Contracts

Invoices/Contracts are created as PDFs and can be emailed directly the customer.

Send Invoices/Contracts and Terms and Conditions by email.

Send out bulk emails to all or selected customers for reminders or marketing purposes.

Integration with Paxton Net2 Access Control Systems.

Up to 6 separate storage areas

Backup the data to a local drive and also to DropBox for added security.

Print Terms and Conditions

Automatically calculates Payments and proportional payments.

Easily move Caravans between plots and storage areas.

Remote Support using Teamviewer Software.

Search for Customers using Name, Vehicle Registration, Land Line or Mobile number.

Up to 18 different charging rates with Annual, Monthly, 3 Monthly and 6 Monthly rates for each.

At a glance - see who hasn't paid or whose Insurance has expired.

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